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Weight-Loss and How Self- Discipline Leads to Freedom

Weight-Loss: Self- Discipline Leads to Freedom Already busy, busy, busy … I enjoy being busy as long as it serves a purpose. I have spent the last 2 weeks reflecting over this idea of maintenance and maintaining an ideal weight. The struggle lies right in plain sight and it is consuming my thoughts.  The reason… Read More »

Weight-loss Inspiration

Weight-loss Inspiration I am always looking for inspiration.  I think a part of desire to lose some weight and get into better shape is seeing other people do it too. Learning from other people’s experiences and then forging my own path is usually I do it.  It is also important to recognize that there are… Read More »

Weight-Loss: The Power of Feeling in Control

Weight-Loss: The Power of Self-Control   Yesterday I posted a short post about “TALK” .  How internal and external talk can impact my well being and overall outcomes and I am sure this will be a reoccuring theme as I blog. One aspect of this is the idea of control. Control Everyone knows “Control” is an illusion. … Read More »

Quick Update: First Blood Pressure Comparisons

Blood Pressure Surprise I started up in July.  July 2nd was day zero.  I weighed myself, took my blood pressure and started logging from this day forward.  Because I was away on vacation, I have not measured my blood pressure and here my first results. Date Systolic Diastolic Pulse Arm July 2nd  144 73 56… Read More »