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Where is the Responsibility in Technological Advancement

Where is the Responsibility in Technological Advancement One thought that has been tickling me the last few weeks is the idea of responsibility and technological advancement.  The last 10 years of my life (all our lives) there have been some pretty cool advancements in hardware and software.  Up until recently, I would argue that we… Read More »

That Dead Man

The Dead Man Many years ago be we carried mobile phones everywhere, I found a dead man floating in the lake while out running.  It always baffled me that it was me that found him as I was running a semi-busy area where other people were visible. I had seen other dead people, including my… Read More »

Detoxing From Social Media

  Yes! Finally, action and I didn’t even need new years resolution to kick it off my detox from Social Media! My other post of on the subject can be found here: Life After Social Media  I am also influencing others to do the same and I challenge you to give it a try.  See this… Read More »