Poem About Running – June 24, 1994

By | 27th October 2018


I stand high above, on the shear face of a cliff,

Alone, I overlook the land and the ocean as my excitement rises.

With no sudden urge, thought or hesitation, I lean forward and hold my arms at length,

Falling slightly, until my strong wings embrace the wind, I SOAR.

The sun warms my back and caresses my lengthening soul,

I sweep carelessly too and fro about the quilted landscape below.

My senses sharpen, head and mind reel, driven only by the heart,

The pine trees grow closer as I descent until the lightly prick my stomach.

Noticing that  I must soon land, I close my eyes and acknowledge that I am grateful,

Without a second gone by, my feet plant firmly on the ground.

I stand in awe, refreshed by what I felt and crave to fly again,

Knowing full well, when I awake tomorrow, I will run if I can.