Weight -Loss 50 Day Learnings

By | 22nd August 2018

Weight -Loss 50 Day Learnings

50 days! Seems like an eternity from day 1 but I am amazingly 50 days into this challenge and what are my learnings?

What is the challenge? 365 days of plant based eating with 90 % of my calories coming from plants / beans/ nuts. 10% from meat/chicken/fish, etc.  

I have removed all processed sugars and all carbs from bread, pasta, rice.

How does the first 50 days measure up?

Luckily or unluckily I have done this before and last time, like this time I am tracking my daily in an excel sheet.  Here are the 2 – 50 day snapshots.  Pretty close to each other, I knew I was a tiny bit faster last time and speed is not an issue.

50 Day Total 2016 50 Day Total 2018

Lesson 1: Frustration is Good:

So the weight is moving at the same rate basically, I could feel that my frustration plays a larger part this round.  Most of the frustration comes from the fact that I am doing this again.  The learning has been that it takes more mental energy to repeat losing weight.  It is better to fight to keep it off then put your mental self through the yo yo of weight gain / weight loss.  The frustration is sign of how I have grown since last time.

Lesson 2: Work on the Issue Not the Symptom:

I have been through the washing machine a feel times with weight – loss.  I have lost weight and put it on many times that I can’t count.  One thing that is most evident that I realized as I have matured is that being fat is a symptom and the “disease” lies elsewhere.  Losing weight solves nothing without spending time healing the issue.  For me the issue has been that I always used food for comfort. This behavior started after my father died when I was a teenager and I never dealt with it. I wrote a little about it here:  Weight – Loss Mindset, Death and Being Mindful  Part of this lesson is the acknowledgement that some routines have hidden triggers and understanding the trigger as well as the how the routine works is super important.

Lesson 3: Be Your Own Champion:

A super important lesson – be your own champion.  Other people will cheer you on and be there for you but it is not their responsibility to make you feel rewarded for your weight -loss or any area where you change. It is important that other peoples gratification do not be used to hold yourself hostage for continuing to change.  I know many people that lose their self motivation if the outside world doesn’t puff hot air into them via praise and recognition.  It is GREAT when people recognize accomplishments but it just hit me today that people who don’t have to lose have no idea how deep and serious the struggle might s for me. Because they don’t have the same struggle they do not understand the needs that go with it. It doesn’t make them mean or idiots, it just means they can’t relate. So be your champion, praise yourself, know that doing the work is the reward.

Lesson 4: Do the Footwork No Excuses:

Lesson 4 is just a reminder to do the work, keep at it don’t get lazy.  The devil is in the details. Following through on the small things will have a ripple effect into everything else.

Lesson 5: Get Support:

Finally, get some support. Like minded people on the same path.  I have been lurking on reddit groups.  The first is Lose It  and the other is Progress Pics . I take both groups with a grain a salt. I am not in either groups to complain or get caught up in peoples personal dramas as there is a ton on reddit.  With that said, finding people going down the same path really helps and seeing amazing pictures of people that have lost weight is super encouraging.

That is 50 days…

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