Weight-Loss – The Brain as a Record of The Past

By | 18th August 2018

Weight-Loss – The Brain as a Record of The Past

An amazing thought, the brain as a record of the past. I have added a powerful video to bottom of this post because it is worth listening to a few times.  There are some good reflection points that I can related too.  I can related to emotions deriving from past experiences can how they can impact us everyday.  How we easily live in the past, I have also lived large portions of my life in the past.

Even losing and gaining weight now has many tentantalces in all my past experiences.  What I have learned about the past(and it has taken many years) is how recognize and acknowledge past motions.  How to acknowledge and park them and move along. If the brain is a record of the past and past emotion dictate our habits and habits control 75% of our day then the important thing to remember is the past is a moving target.

This day will be the past tomorrow.  There it seems the goal is to get the brain to focus on imagine the future and take action. If tomorrow is directly affected by me today and all the todays’ are a stack of playing cards that led to this day then I should be to examine my past days and make changes.  This is the hard part.  The hard part is not falling for the traps that keep our wheels spinning in the same mud tracks. 

First part of this is the acknowledgement of how the current situation.  This acknowledgment should lead to enlightenment and inventory of oneself and honest assessment.

After watching this video,  I have decided to spend time in meditation and focusing on sculpting my future person in my mind and get use to letting go of emotions and habits of the past to find new ones. Should be an interesting… 


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