Weight-loss Update: Getting To The Foundation

By | 14th August 2018

Where is my foundation?

Today, day 43 and I can feel the routine burning.  The wheels are turning with nowhere to go. My level of frustration is higher today and the reason is shame.  I am ashamed of myself for repeating this same pattern again and again. Last night I made an apple pie for my colleagues.  In my last post I have a whole box full of freshly picked apples that I turned in this apple pie – want a piece?

Looks good right?

Imagine that I can make such a pie and yet, I didn’t eat any of it! Nope it has so much sugar and flour that I don’t dare to put it near my mouth.  With that said, I know it is delicious and I know it is a drug with 200 + grams of sugar in the dough and the apples.This pie, I made with no temptation until today while watching them eat the pie.  Because I know how good it is, FUCK – I want a piece.  I have enough discipline not to eat it but I am ashamed that I am at this point again where I must drive hard to discipline myself.  Add to this that I know my type of person, I can eat freely maybe the realization of that is a blessing in itself.

Driving home from work, listening to the Foo Fighters and wondering what, if any, lessons have I learned from my current experience and how am I ensuring that I will not just fall back into the same?

Tough to know …

I think I have learned and I am trying to practice the following:

  1. 100 days was not enough and I needed to go longer
    1. This time I am going 1 year logging my weight everyday and full 90% plant based diet.
    2. This is my goal that I have set and I am on day 43. 
    3. Think lifetime and break it into smaller deliverables
  2. I need to built into my life more food varieties and I am searching to find exciting plant based meals.
    1. For example: I found Vanlose Blues a great site for recipes
    2. My Little Vegan Crush has some good recipes.
  3. Exercise is important and not for losing weight.  Exercise is good to help release stress and ease the burdens of life.
    1. It can also accelerate weight loss but I have lost a ton of weight without exercising at all.
  4. Getting the excess weight off is the top priority.
    1. I know I carry my weight well and also people are use to me being fat and this makes it easier with expectations and what not.
    2. Getting the excess weight off comes first. When I get down to where my BMI is below obese there is a strategy to employ
  5. Don’t be too hard on myself
  6. The mobile phone and my computer are not my “friends” they are if anything my nemesis. Screen time must be matched 1:1 with family time and/or exercise.
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