Weight-Loss and How Self- Discipline Leads to Freedom

By | 12th August 2018

Weight-Loss: Self- Discipline Leads to Freedom

Already busy, busy, busy … I enjoy being busy as long as it serves a purpose.

I have spent the last 2 weeks reflecting over this idea of maintenance and maintaining an ideal weight. The struggle lies right in plain sight and it is consuming my thoughts.  The reason for this lies in the past attempts and how I failed to master this habit all the other times and there have been quite a few times. This healthy thought process stems from my last post: Weight-loss Understanding Maintenance.

Today as a family we went walking around the lake by where we live and during these discussions with my son the main theme focused on how good self-discipline feels.  How being becoming self-discipline leads to a higher level of freedom. This thought is the real mystery in life – how following a disciplined regiment of time management, food management, task management sets us free or gives us the euphoric feeling of being free.

I think one of the reasons this occurs is because we spent less time chasing our own tails and wasting time doing things that give zero return.  We all know this times in our lives where things “just happen” that our out of control and further knock us backwards or sideways. When compared to being disciplined and it means we feel in control and we focus our time on energy in one or few directions.  This means we don’t give into thoughts/actions that lead us away from our goal.  Seems personal goal setting is the key to gaining control over oneself.

Being busy is not the same as self-disciplined and being busy might be an enabler for the opposite.  I have experienced many times in my life that being busy is a by product of procrastination and many people are busy without purpose. Sadly, in today’s world busyness disguises itself as importance.

Vanlose Blues

Finding good recipes for vegetarian lifestyle is important.  This idea of education myself around how to maintain is driving me forward.  I was lucky to stumble on this website called Vanlose Blues  , which has a ton of exciting recipes. The owner of the site won an award in 2017 for best vegetarian blog and I can see why.  For those that click the link and head to her website please note that it is in danish but most browsers can translate these sites on the go. 

I tried to make one of the salads for the site called creamy green cabbage salad with guacamole, blueberries and chickpeas. It was so good that even my teenager liked it(super surprised).

Fresh Apples and Supporting Local Produce

Also, our neighbor has an apple tree and they are ripe.  We are allowed to take as many apples as we like and today I picked a whole basket of apples.  As a thank you, I will make an American apple pie for them.  Fresh fruit taken right off the tree and washed tastes so good.  I forget how good fresh, local products tastes and how it is important support local. 

That is my update.  I will give a numbers update in 2 more weeks.

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