Weight-loss Understanding Maintenance

By | 7th August 2018

I have joined a sub-reddit called Lose it mainly for inspiration.  I started to engage and contribute and it feels good.  One thing that I realized is how many people struggle with the same things that I am struggling with.  There are many people that have lost weight before and have gained it back again.  

This is demotivating to me and makes me question all that I am doing. How will this time be different than all the other times I lost weight? The demotivating part is that I do not have the answer.  I am certainly wiser, yet wisdom loses to the practicality of everyday.  My weight has been up and down all my life and I am certainly tired it. 

Today, I am sure that I can lose all the weight that I want and this is driving me forward now.  I am also sure that I can get to my goal weight at 85 kg. / 187 lbs. What happens next?  Seems from all the discussions on Reddit that thinking about maintenance now is the most important takeaway. Not exercise, maintenance and how to maintain all the gains.

Also, it is important to get out of weight-loss mode.  I have been in weight-loss mode my entire adult life. MY ENTIRE ADULT LIFE.  It is something that has chewed up a ton of energy both emotional and physically.  This is like being in survival mode all day long.  It is tiresome and it points back to the core challenge.  I have conditioned myself to not be satisfied with myself regardless of the state.  As I mentioned in my other post about how I speak to myself, which enables me to return to my fat self over and over again.

It is a viscous circle, like a dog chasing its tail over a cliff.

I will remain on Reddit, it gives me good food for thought. I understand that I need to start thinking about and preparing for the maintenance stage now.  It is paramount to learn more about transitioning from when I reach my goal to the stage of maintaining.  I am not sure how to this and I will need to do some serious research. I also have to actually get to the goal weight, I usually stop at 97 Kg / 214 lbs. this is the outcome of my last attempt and the attempt before.

As I get to below 97 Kg. and push further.  I truly believe that when I get towards my goal weight it will catapult me further.  

This is my hope… I should just enjoy the process but I am tired of the doing the process over and over.  

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