Weight-loss – Mental Game Part 2 – Frustrations

By | 2nd August 2018

Weight-loss – Mental Game Part 2 – Frustration

It started a few days ago.  My weight stopped dropping and I could feel an immediate twinge of frustration when looking at the scale. After a few days of eating as I should and no weight drop, my internal voice began to cannibalize the weight loss process. It also would throw shade at me at the same time.

I am still logging the weight that I see each morning on the scale when I get up even though the weight loss has slowed to an absolute crawl.  Even as I right this I can feel an irritation over that lack of weight loss and the lack of movement.

Now the real issue isn’t the lack of weight loss as I have a commitment to eating a plant based diet and I have committed to it for 1 year where I will take personal inventory after 365 days. 

The Challenge is Me

The real issue is me and the expectations that I set both internally and externally. It stems from fighting with my weight almost all my life and the mindset and habits that surround such a struggle.  Usually, I would give in at this point.  Usually, I would use the lack of weight-loss as an excuse to stop and eat whatever and this is where the challenge lies.

The questions that tickles most while experiencing this frustration this time is what is this mindset, why is it so self-destructive. Why does it want to give it up so easily? Why does it want to lose weight on the one hand and also give up so easily on the other hand?

The most important part is not to give in or to understand that there are two fights happening simultaneously. One that has the upper hand as long as things go according to plan and the other that has the upper hand when it doesn’t continue as suspected. Neither is more powerful than the other and if I chose to ignore person number 2 than it grows.


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