Weight-loss the mental game

By | 28th July 2018

Weight-loss is a Mental Game

Weight-loss is a mental game that pivots off of discipline and acceptance.


We went out to dinner the other night at Restaurant Fregatten and there was no salad option on the menu.  I decided for the salmon and it tasted good. Salmon is also good for you and I enjoyed eating this salmon even if it worked against me. The salmon was roasted in tomato pesto while sitting on a bed of  mash potatoes.

I ate it without guilt though I understand it would put a slide to losing weight a few days.

Since eating it my weight has actually gone up a tiny bit after holding steady for 2 days.  Now the lesson to learn here is that now becomes a mental game of being patience to lose weight again.  I was on a good roll – losing weight 22 days straight averaging 380 grams a day.  The salmon stopped all this progress temporarily.

I am not worried as much as I want to lose the weight, I am far from my goal and I am still far enough from reaching 100kg.(first plateau) that this pause has irritated me more than I expected it would.

In retrospect, this happened to me last time I was losing weight.  If I look at the chart I can see at day 19 there was also a bump for a few days.

Three days of standing still. Is this a coincidence? I am pretty sure that it is not a coincidence because there are very few coincidences in life.  Purpose is interwoven in almost everything that happens in life, whether we recognize or not. Humans are also super habitual creatures and our own bodies run on recurring cycles.

This means head down and keep at it.  I can go read about Adam again in this post.  Reflect back on the yin and yang of self-discipline and self-control.

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