By | 25th July 2018


I have 2 examples of “talk” that have impacted me recently and also can impact the outcome of what I am trying to accomplish.

Internal Talk

The first type of “talk” is the way that I talk to myself. I found myself saying with my internal voice the following in regards to losing weight:

“…if you can just hold on…”

I started to listen more closely over the last 2 days how I speak to myself and found that I use language that is super proactive, which puts everything at risk.  One easy way to fail at anything is not to commit to it 100% also with the little internal critical voice, which can sway me in times of struggle.  Therefore, I started to check my language and add more ownership, proactive language.  For example, It is better to say:  “I am driving this …” 

External Talk

It is great to discuss what I am doing with CERTAIN people, not everyone and not other CERTAIN type of people.  I place nutrition in the same category as politics and religion. EVERYONE has an opinion and EVERYONE believes they know what is best.  Therefore, I have found it important to not talk to everyone about not weight-loss but also other challenges in my life.  It takes energy alone to discuss, explain and justify the WHY.  

I am very picky with whom I go into detail with what I am doing.  I learned that the energy I spend talking about this is energy loss to the defense against my internal talk that wants to eat Cake 🙂 

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