3 Week Mark by The Numbers

By | 23rd July 2018

Weight-Loss at 3 Weeks

Here are the numbers for the first 3 weeks and everything looks good.  The total weight-loss of 8.90 kg/19.58 lbs always surprises me. I have remind myself that I have quite a bit of weight to lose and its fun 🙂

The good thing with being on vacation is I have complete control of everything including time.  It certainly makes it easier.  The first 2 weeks are a detox period that I use a simple method to detox and detox for me means to get rid of all the cravings I have for other types of food like bread, sugar, alcohol and even milk. After the 2nd week, I follow a 90/10 plant based program that I built myself. I am reading to be better and the last 2 books I am indulging myself are found here: Tools

Total KG Lost Total LB  Lost BP: Systolic Resting Pulse
8.90 19.58 120 58
AVERAGES BP: Diastolic  
0.42 0.93 72  

All systems are go, all numbers are down except the pulse – it always hoovers around 58 regardless. I need to get my cholesterol checked again, last time my good cholesterol number was low.

Via friends and online, I get questions about what am I eating and AM I HUNGRY? 

I will say the following – it is a shift from eating and drinking whatever and whenever to being extra disciplined in my consumption of food.  This is why(for me) the 2 week detox is super important – it sharpens my focus and removes cravings.  Week 3 and onward is not a challenge, seriously.

Also, I am exactly eating more – I took a picture of lunch from yesterday.  Huge salad with beans and balsamic dressing.  Sometimes I had some feta or a little cold cuts but this a TON of food.

So no starving, I eat as much fruits and vegetables that I want and add beans, flax seed and other items.


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