That Dead Man

By | 16th December 2017

The Dead Man

Many years ago be we carried mobile phones everywhere, I found a dead man floating in the lake while out running.  It always baffled me that it was me that found him as I was running a semi-busy area where other people were visible.

I had seen other dead people, including my own father dying so it didn’t “shock” me into inaction, which is quite a natural reaction. I turned and ran towards the coffee shop by the lake where some construction works were building new toilets.  I remember asking them if they had a telephone and could they call the police because there was a dead man in the lake. 

I pointed to the place and the one man said, “Are you sure he is dead?” I just replied, yeah but will go back and check.  I did go back and by they way the body was floating and positioned he was obviously dead.  I decided not to lift the body or turn it over to look at his face that would be a traumatic mistake on my part.

Dead Man

I had also decided not to be there when they lifted him from the water so I went home.  I visited the local police department later in the day to reveal that it was me that found him.

I later learned that he suffered from mental illness(a hideous disease) and waded out into the lake on a windy night to commit suicide by drowning.  I still think of him from time to time when I am by the  lake.  I am also older and more mature and my own life has taken turns for the good and the bad.

It is an odd thing to be haunted by his memory … 

I hope his family that was left behind has found peace.



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