Detoxing From Social Media

By | 11th December 2017


Yes! Finally, action and I didn’t even need new years resolution to kick it off my detox from Social Media! My other post of on the subject can be found here: Life After Social Media 

I am also influencing others to do the same and I challenge you to give it a try.  See this post on Linkedin here:

This made me think back to when I live in New York City in the early 90’s I use to give my spare change away to the homeless people all the time.  I, myself was not making a ton of cash and decided that instead of giving money, which was going to be used for drugs and alcohol that I would save ALL the change in a jar and donate it.

Amazingly to my surprise, I saved over $30 in change the first month.  I have done the same with social media.  I decided the following and in the following order:

Stage 1 Resurrect The Blog:

Start up on a new, blank blog and start writing again as an outlet.  There are lots of good reasons for blogging again and the main is not to spread myself out thin across platforms.

Delete medium and stop writing posts on LinkedIn

Remove all social media apps from my phone

This stage lasted a few weeks where I could already the benefit of not checking my phone ALL THE TIME and the battery life my telephone extend over a few days instead of few hours.

Stage 2 Social Media Delete:

Delete Snapchat

Delete Instagram

Deactivate as much as Facebook as much as possible.  The tentacles are little longer with Facebook because I have been using it as a single sign on for other apps and services that I needed to first clean up.  Because of this I dialed Facebook as much as possible, still no app on the phone and I am not posting or checking it all.

I use Facebook messenger for family in the USA and I need to move off of that last.

Stage 3 Dialing Back Even More:

Deactivate Twitter. 

Those who know me know this is the toughest of them.  I am verified and have 89,000 followers but I have been wanting to walk away and just decided that to do it and so far it has been good.

Also, because of I am verified; I have 1 full year that I can reactivate the account and that is a real pull on the addiction.

What Have I learned?

It has been surprisingly good to stop looking at my phone all the time.  I am in the love with the new feeling of freedom and I can feel myself get antsy when boredom starts to creep in.  What an AWESOME FEELING – boredom.

Facebook is a waste. I do not miss it at all… not at all. The negativity of it and the drama that is created as people try to interrupt what others mean and FEEL with written word.  Also, that Facebook has been weaponized by governments to sway or try to sway elections in the west really bothers me and add to this Facebook doesn’t give a shit, they got paid.

Something else strange is happening, instead of pushing myself out the door to run, I feel pulled by it. This has not happened in 5-7 years.  Just not sitting down at the computer or scrolling aimlessly through videos on Facebook or YouTube has given energy back and desire.


Why not try it? Nothing to lose and lots to gain!

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