Life After Social Media

By | 9th December 2017

Dialing Back Social Media

I am not sure how long it will last but I consider the acknowledgement of it and trying the step in the right direction.  I have longed to walk away from social media and really because I feel obligated to it.

It started with removing Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter from my phone and then follow through on not checking these platforms on the phone.  After a few days and into the first week the feeling was refreshing and I decided to delete Instagram, snapchat and the intention to delete Facebook. 

I use messenger with some people that I do not want to lose contact so deactivating(deleting Facebook is a bit more challenging.  I did change my name and dial down all the security so everything is set to “only me” where possible. 

After pursuing this now for about month, I thought to deactivate Twitter. I have tried this before and it didn’t last that long but I had the desire to try it again now that I have a foundation in place with no social media apps on my phone and other platforms dial back completely


I am verified on twitter so I have 12 months to decide what to do … I can log back at anytime but I think I can go quite far on this run because I have focus on other places.


There are so many reasons to do this … there is certainly value in t for someone.  I will list some reason below that led me here and it has not been an overnight decisions it has evolving overtime.

  1. Stale – the oblivious is that it is a waste of time and it is stale.   We are animals of habit for the good and bad and social media is STALE.  We do it because it is a habit and not because we benefit from it-

    I can personally feel the pull of the platforms while I am on them.  I waste about 20 minutes every time I am on them.  I scroll aimlessly and that is just a fact for me. This time can be better spent and I have felt an awakening in my ripe age to use my time more wisely

  2.  Automation – the automation factor of people and posts on twitter and social media has really opened my eyes. I know how most of the technology works and I have tested most of it.  Knowing how things works behind the scenes ruins it for me because I know that the number of bots and automation inflates the platforms.I am convinced that if twitter denied any automation; auto posting, auto engagement then its usage would fall by 70%
  3. Test Rabbits – fact is we are test dummies for Facebook and others. These two articles explain things   and it is how I feel about these data platforms.  Read these three articles very powerful:

The Human Fabric of the Facebook Pyramid

 Human Data Banks and Algorithmic Labour

Immaterial Labour and Data Harvesting


It is work in progress … I believe I have come to the point where I know my life will continue the same after social media as it did before.  I look forward to being bored again and finding real life things to drive me attention like it did before the iphone, facebook and candycrush

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