Simple Security For Logging Out of Multiple Devices on Skype

By | 27th November 2017

Skype Security On Multiple Devices Introduction:

The purpose of this post is to explain how skype users can log out of all their skype sessions easily.

My 12 year old son plays minecraft, alot of minecraft. He also uses skype to communicate and collaborate in game with kids in his age group. We have recently had some unpleasant incidents where someone chatted to his friends as my son from my son’s skype account and even posted his skype password.

To be on the safe side decided to change all our passwords on various cloud driven services and another other tools we use. One thing I found very irritating about SKYPE is you can be online on multiple devices on the same skype account without realizing it. It would be great if Microsoft would introduce a log out on other device(s) functionality when logging into skype and populate a message: “Do you want to log out of skype on other devies?”

What I did find was that skype had a wide arrange of chat commands and I will list some of them at the end of this post and highlight two of them here. In our case, I think my son left his skype logged in at a friends house and this is one of his friends taking advantage of this opportunity. I will showcase two commands that I found very useful.

Introducing: Skype Security /showplaces

For Skype versions 6 or greater just type /showplaces in your any skype chat and you get a list of the open “online endpoints” which is pretty awesome when you have teenagers running around the house on multiple devices.

Skype Showplaces


As you can see above, I am online on my PC and my Iphone. Please note the long string of letters and numbers in the {brackets}, I mention them below.

Introducing: Skype Security /remotelogout

For Skype versions 6 or greater just typing in /remotelogout ends all remote sessions. I am sitting with my iphone when I push enter and skype logs me out and when I type /showplaces again it reveals my 1 open online endpoint.

Skype Remote Logout



Skype Remote Logout

After Remote logout

These 2 commands clear up uncertainty and give a skype user more power to ensure their account safety.

Some important points:

1.) It is only skype account to skype account
This means if you are logged in on Skype desktop via your skype username and on any other device with your skype account it will remote log you out on the other skype account logins and only show online session via the /showplaces skype to skype.

2.) Doesn’t work Skype Account to Windows Account
On the mobile version, at least IOS(I have no android) it offers the choice of logging in with a Skype Name or a Microsoft Account. If you log in with your microsoft account on mobile and your skype account on your PC the commands do not work.

Skype Remote Logout

Skype security multiple devices

3.) Skype Security Works on Mobile(very surprised)

The first example is my mobile logged in via the microsoft account and it doesn’t recognize that I am online via my PC desktop skype account.

Skype Remote Logout

Commands on Mobile Microsoft account to Skype account

The second example is my mobile logged in via the Skype account and it does find my PC as you can listed in the chat.

Skype endpoints

Chat commands on mobile skype account to skype account

4.) Unique IDs:

In the example above it shows the long set of letters and numbers in the {brackets} called a GUID. I have shaded out parts of mine because Skype has given each of my devices a unique ID. I had at first thought it was a unique session ID but it is an ID that is bound to the device.

Finally Skype Security,

I have tried to gather Skype commands off of various webpages and the commands are listed listed below. I have not tried them all and I maybe missing some so please comment on further commands

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