Blast Pro Series CS:GO – Copenhagen 2017

By | 26th November 2017

PC Gaming is a large part of my life and I have been an avid gamer for well over 30+ years.  Many things have changed in the last 30 years in gaming with the rise of good hardware, consoles and youtube that have driven the popularity of gaming to new heights.  Since the rise of consoles, I have always remained faithful to the PC and we(my son and I ) have recently built a gaming rig together.  It is because of my sons interest in a game called Counter Strike (CS:GO) we decided to splurge and buy tickets for an e-sport event in Copenhagen.  This is my first first time attending one of these e-sport event in Copenhagen, Denmark.

blastgoI think it is important to say that I am not an avid CS:GO player. I have an account on steam but I moved away from playing CS:GO long before the last remake of the game.  My son on the other land loves CS:GO and it is his passion and understanding of professional teams, individual players and the game mechanics that made me want to attend the event.

How Does CS:GO Work?

The Computer Game CS:GO means Counterstrike GO and basically to get a complete basic overview go to Steam.

1.) Two teams facing each other where each team has 5 players and no substitutes on a map

2.) One team are the counter terrorist group and the other are the terrorists.

3.) At ½ way point of the match the teams switch sides. This means that if a team starts as counter terrorist they switch to be terrorist.

4.) The goal is for the terrorists to plant and protect their bomb with the counter terrorist team tries to stop them.


5.) After each round where either all players from one team is eliminated or the bomb is detonated than money is distributed which allows teams to buy new weapons and utility like grenades…

6.) The two strategy areas are how to hold areas on the map to stop the other team and how to best use your economy.

The Purpose of the Tournament is to WIN

To win a team must wins win run up games to make it to the finals and then winning the best of 3 matches in the finals.  All the games are played through rounds and points are given to the winners(3) and the matches where the tie(1).

A single game has a possible 30 rounds in total unless in the finals there are overtime where the other team must win by more than 2 rounds.

IMG_0081The Arena

Sitting in the arena where in front his a HUGE screen with multiple screens. The games are played on the screens. Just like any sports games there are commentators who know the game and explain the ongoing tactics and player specialties.  The main game is played on the largest screen which is probably 15 meters by 10 meters.

When the bomb is planted and actually goes off, flames fire up on the stage in front of the screens.

IMG_0097Now the teams are seated on the floor in special booths so they can’t see the large screens or see other teams playing.  What I found odd was the commentators could be heard in the arena talking about the game and players and I assume the teams can hear this also.

IMG_0099What Makes It Exciting

There is not doubt that there is a community of people mostly under 35 and down in the teens that LOVE this game and have seen these tournaments streamed live.  We were sitting the Astralis area and cheering for them.  My own teenager was super excited he was right at home with the others.

I was blown away by the love and support for the teams, the game and for the community.  My son was talking to me the entire time explaining weapons, strategy, player strengths, the different teams  and the economy. It was amazing to listen to and amazing to try and grasp how he knew so much and that he was “normal”.

What Made It Bad

All in all it was pretty amazing. The only real complaint I have is that is 12 hours in a concert hall with bad lighting, loud music, bad food, etc.  If the format could be tweaked, I could see this going mainstream.

If you get a chance to go to one please go, it is worth the trip.


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