Weight-loss Update: Getting To The Foundation

Where is my foundation? Today, day 43 and I can feel the routine burning.  The wheels are turning with nowhere to go. My level of frustration is higher today and the reason is shame.  I am ashamed of myself for repeating this same pattern again and again. Last night I made an apple pie for… Read More »

Weight-Loss and How Self- Discipline Leads to Freedom

Weight-Loss: Self- Discipline Leads to Freedom Already busy, busy, busy … I enjoy being busy as long as it serves a purpose. I have spent the last 2 weeks reflecting over this idea of maintenance and maintaining an ideal weight. The struggle lies right in plain sight and it is consuming my thoughts.  The reason… Read More »

Weight-Loss Mindset, Death and the Ghosts of the Past

Weight – Loss Mindset, Death and Being Mindful It has been an odd couple of days mentally for me. It started with my weight-loss stalling, which is total OK with me.  I become immediately frustrated by the number on the scale and decided to reiterate my goal and my desire and to be mindful of… Read More »

Weight-loss – Mental Game Part 2 – Frustrations

Weight-loss – Mental Game Part 2 – Frustration It started a few days ago.  My weight stopped dropping and I could feel an immediate twinge of frustration when looking at the scale. After a few days of eating as I should and no weight drop, my internal voice began to cannibalize the weight loss process.… Read More »