1st Run in a Long Time–Doing Is The Best Medicine

I have found my way back to doing things … hard grind, acceptance of reality as it is and working hard at the basics. I am starting with keeping to my promises and I promised myself to go for a run today.  The goal was not speed or distance but just to do it and… Read More »

The Confusion of Using Exercise As A Weight-Loss Tool

It is so easy to confuse and intertwine exercise and weight loss and there is no doubt that exercise can assist weight loss.  Based on my experience it is very important to keep these two items separate and have the right expectations for the purpose of both these.  When I was a young man, I… Read More »

Finding The Magic Mix

Hello, welcome to the first post on my blog.  I have decided to go back to basics and write about simple everyday things that I have found to touch my life.  I also decided to move away from  most of social media and try to use this as an outlet. What is the Magic Mix?… Read More »