Method To Madness

I get a lot of questions to my method and I would like to start by saying this is what works for me, feel free to adopt it but I get it is not for everyone.

My idea is simple, 90 day clips of focus on vegetarian only eating. No dairy, No meat, No Breads, Pasta, etc., No salt and No olive oil.

I start each 90 days with potato only start up, everyone has an opinion and people think I am nuts, It is ok, please keep your negative comments to yourself.

I needed to brain fuck myself and this was one way to do it.  Make sure you speak to your doctor first but if you have nothing to lose then don’t hesitate. I learned from doing this once after a recommendation that it will stop all the cravings for sugar and dairy and it will reset your body.  I didn’t believe such nonsense BUT I had nothing to lose so I did it and you know what? IT WORKED…the rest of the 76 days in the cycle were amazingly simple, without drama of cravings or serious mental food break downs.  I could watch people at CAKE and CANDY not feel 1 bit concerned.

Why 2 weeks? If you look in my charts, I track everything down to 2 weeks.  This comes from my time working with developers as we did everything in 2 week increments called sprints.  So I just wanted to break down the 90 days into mental chunks that I can look ahead too as completing. So instead of getting depressed that I have 90 days to go, I only have 14 to complete the first sprint. It is mental game and it works.

Do I stand on the scale everyday?  Actually, I get up in the morning, every morning and stand on the scale and log what it says.  If it goes up SO BE IT.  I only weight myself once in the morning and then I go on my business. The excel sheet I use is in onedrive and I update it everyday.

Do I weigh my food? No! I refuse to weigh my food or buy supplements…I eat all the fruit and vegetables that I want all day long.

How do you get protein and Don’t Your Miss Meat and Milk? I get it through beans and seeds and I take a vitamin daily for other necessary things the body needs. I don’t miss milk at all, kinda strange, I admit.  I miss meat and I have after the 90 days had a few steaks and a few burgers.

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