About Me

I don’t want to make this about me at all but just a few quick notes.

We were on vacation in spain during September and I reached bottom.  I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore.  I was obese and I was tired of it being fat.  When we returned I started DDAY for me was  25. september 2016  and I weighed 123,5 kg / 271,7lbs and decided to just accept some simple facts and make simple changes in my diet that resulted in losing 60lbs, coming off my high blood pressure medicine, having great blood work numbers and on a road towards the best health of my adult life.

Here is what I did:

1.) First I accepted that I will never be one of those people that are thin no matter what they eat. I knew this already but I decided to own it.

— I think hitting bottom and being honest is the key ignition point.  Accepting that I can’t just eat and that I suck at moderating my intake is important to acknowledge because it leads to another set of choices based in my reality.

2.) I decided to write down how I felt looking in the mirror and how I felt walking up the stairs or sweating sitting still.

— Important not to forget how you felt when I were obese and to go back and read the words as not to slip up.

3.) I decided to go on a vegetarian diet – 90 days as a trial. No meat, no poultry, no milk, no olive oil and no salt.  I would eat only vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc.

— Not that painful a decision really. I have tried everything else, I have yo-yo’d before, tried diet plans, etc.  When knowing #1 and feeling #2 then coming to the conclusion of #3 is not that hard.  

4.) Never, EVER weigh my food

— Hate it … slavery

5.) Not talk about it with anyone just a very few people as not to waste emotional energy explaining myself

— Found that when I was explaining myself, I was wasting emotional energy which ended up I caved.  

I did this… I went 90 days as a vegetarian NO EXERCISE, didn’t weigh any of my food and ate all the greens and fruits I wanted. I feel incredible that I started another 90 days but was tripped up with stress at work that I stopped losing weight. 

After 90 days my numbers were:

  • Day 90 – December 24, 2016 weigh 100kg / 220 lbs – see weight loss here
  • Stopped blood pressure medicine
  • Cholesterol numbers are amazing
  • Hemoglobin numbers are also amazing
  • Pants from 42 -36

I am going to start up another 90 days with exercise February 27, 2017 and try to lose the rest of my weight as suggested by my doctor and as I want.  


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