The Power of The Hidden Habits

By | 4th March 2017

I wanted to mention something important, at least to me that plays into something I call “Hidden Habits”.  Hidden habits are the ones where a person doesn’t recognize or understand certain habits in their life that have direct impact on their mental and physical health.

I have a couple of these types of habits that I have been struggling to control but I am fully aware of that they exist.  Let me give you an example; In my life Music has a large influence on me, I love music and live to hear great music.  There are a few albums that can trigger or deepen the dark moods I am in or on the edge of entering and these albums, I pay very close attention too when I am get the desire to hear them. I know that if I can feel my internal tires turning the mud than this album will not help me at all and it will most likely make the wheels spin faster and faster

One of these is called “Soup” by Blind Melon 


It is an amazingly, dark album, I love it and some songs are so deep and personal that it is like a conduit into well of feelings that I have hidden deep in my soul.  One of these songs is called:  “Mouth full of Cavities”

Now I have another set of habits that I think have same possible negative effect and that is social media.  I have made a conscious effort to walk as much as possible away form some forms of social media starting mainly with twitter and limiting Facebook or tweaking Facebook so my feed is minus politics, and marketing driven drivel.  Those who know me know I spent many many hours of twitter, I am verified and have tweeting over 90,000 times so the habit and intricate workings of twitter and other social media platforms, I feel I know them well.  The ability to create and see data patterns and create and see automation really has triggered me and fits nicely with my personality type.  The downside is it is an attractive, shiny, wiggling thing in front of me and I wasted(it is waste) too much time in social

I really think social media is a dead weight in our lives. It is easily the best way to keep your wheels turning in the mud as so much time and so much of your potential is wasted.  I  think people would be better on focusing on real life relationships and less time staring at their phones and their computers.

Social media has the same ability as some forms of music that if I am in a dark mood or if I am heading in that direction that it accelerates the deepening of the mood.  Kind of like the carpenter is a hammer and always sees a nail and  our internal workings are the same way. 

Just my thoughts…

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