Understanding The Importance of Ownership

By | 1st March 2017

I was out walking yesterday with a friend and nutritionist yesterday afternoon.  The meeting is something that I had planned 2 months prior as part of a strategy mentioned in other posts.  I wanted to speak about nutrition from a general perspective and also the she wanted to know about the process I have been going through to get to my current place.

As we walked, I explained what I did and more importantly, I explained WHAT LED TO THESE ACTIONS and one thing that kept popping was OWNERSHIP of Your Outcomes that is taking responsibility up and down stream of the entire process and owning the history of how you reached your current situation while keeping the your past in context of what happened at the time.

I think it is very easy to just blame or excuse away things when taking responsibility and owning is the appropriate response.  I can only speak for myself and tell you why I do this and that is because I know if I recognize something I will need to be responsible to change it. It feels easier to throw shade at things in my life that I know will take a lot of energy to change.

Maybe it is better to explain with a metaphor.  I have this drawer with stuff in it, misc. junk and other items.  I know it is a mess, if I start to looking for something in it, I will feel obligated to clean the entire drawer. IT is same with something in life as there is so much emotional baggage, inertia in trying to change behaviors and what not. 

Also, it needs to be said that not all things are excuses and a blame game. Things happen in life and many unpredictable things, it is ok. For example;  I was sick back in 2010 when the doctor found a tumor, which turned out to be benign.  It was shock to me at the time, I went mental waiting for test results, etc. and today looking back what I found is that placing and keeping things in context is important.  The depression that I had and the tumor went hand in hand and it has taken a good 5 years to come full circle and rope myself back in. It led to choices that I didn’t have emotional energy at the time to handle that included eating for comfort and letting myself go without worrying if I could rope myself back in again.  There are a ton of lessons to learn from all this and that is for another time.

As we finished walking, we agreed that I would come back in 1 month to discuss dietary changes IF I still feel that it is necessary but not before I reach my own target weight. 

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