Talking To a Nutritionist swinging up towards the STARS

By | 28th February 2017

I was thinking of this quote from Cyrano de Bergerac:
Antoine Comte de Guiche:

Windmills, remember, if you fight with them… may swing round their huge arms and cast you down into the mire!
Cyrano de Bergerac:

Or up, among the stars!

I am swinging up towards the STARS – and as part of my weight loss the original plan, was as such:

1.) 90 day weight loss
2.) Take a break
3.) 90 day weight loss – talk to a nutritionist and get a personally trainer

I am little behind on the original plan but I am keeping with the need to speak to a nutritionist as part of learning to moderate my weight going forward.  I also had a different mindset on how and when to go get nutrition help and when to get a personal trainer/coach to kick off weight training.

Here is the thing… in the past,  I would speak to these two groups of people when I was FAT wanting to lose weight.  I decided this time that I would do the opposite. I would do the footwork and visit these people already thin with the idea that the conversation must be different when I will show up thin compared to coming overweight.

Why? I am convinced that with all things remaining equal the method is the same but the mental and physical challenges is what varies from person to person.  In other words, it is me that is the road block not food. I know this because I have lost and gained weight a few times in my life and weight loss is about disciplined eating that is all. I don’t even need exercise to lose weight as I have proven already.  Exercise is great and it is a separate disciple! Keep these two separate as they affect each other directly but you can eat like shit and still be in good cardio shape.

Today, I am going for a walk with a Nutritionist and discuss nutrition from a general perspective and if this person can inspire me then I will book more time with them.

I have the same with a personal trainer.  When it comes time to book a personal trainer this person will need to coach and inspire me to reach to higher, to shed my skin like a snake and get the fire of passion for exercise burning HOT. I need inspiration in my life, I am willing to do the hardwork and just need someone to tighten some of screws with me first…

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