Run 2 – So how do you build habits that propel you years in the future?

By | 28th February 2017


Already it felt easier Smile NOT KIDDING and that is not say that I went fast or far but I went.  It is an automatic WIN because I did it.  I still didn’t make it all the way around the lake without stopping but I was very close. I also took the dog out for a walk afterwards.


I am not setting long,  long term goals in this area and I am focusing on 1 day at time to July. By July, I would like to have run 10km without stopping. This is a challenging goal for right now and maybe too ambitious, lets see.

I am going to focus on the NOW, doing the daily grind and 1 day at time lay the foundation. I will start with creating a good routine of stretching everyday regardless of exercise and slowly resurrect the running habit from scratch.  Maybe this is a good time to disclose that I use to run a lot in my middle 20s still many years ago but I had an awesome running habit of 10km every morning 5 days a week and also, I ran a few marathons back in the day.

At the end of the day, I am starting from scratch but not really, there are many ghosts in my ahead about those glory days and keeping them at bay is difficult.  I wish I was completely new to this area as I think it would make life easier to learn to jog instead of come with all this inertia.  Add to it, I was in some amazing shape and I was FAST 5km in 18 minutes 43 seconds. I want to get back to this point, easy to say but it craves hard work over a long period of time… years.

So how do you build habits that propel you years in the future? 

Answer: 1 day at a time … do the work today, do it everyday.

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