Ouch– The Joy of Being Sore

By | 27th February 2017

Day 2 after my initial run and I am really SORE!  I can’t believe how much my legs hurt.  It is a really positive sign from the body telling me that it loves me for taking that run and tomorrow I will do it again.

I have also started a new 90 day clip towards my goal weight of 85 kg / 187 lbs.  I will start with a 7 day cleansing period and 83 days of pure vegetarian eating not sneaking cheese or sips from the milk carton Smile as discipline is key as small slips can lead to even bigger slips.

Pear Jam has song called Tremor Christ and one of the lyrics is:

Little secrets tremors…turned to quake…
The smallest oceans still get…big, big waves…
I’ll decide…take the dive…

This is how I feel with sneaking harmless, small bites of things I committed myself not too in that the smallest oceans still get big, big waves. By sneaking even a little opens the door for failure because in the past I would rationalize slowly through small cheats walking completely away from eating properly. 

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