The Day After My First Run and I am sore

By | 26th February 2017

just a short note .. I was running yesterday around the lake by my house.  It is the first run in probably 6 –9 months.  I didn’t make it all the way around the 3.3 Km lake but almost.

I came home and stretched and today I  am sore today. I think it is funny to be so sore after only running 3.3 km / 2 miles and I look forward to doing it again. I know from my past experience when I use to run a lot in my middle 20’s that I will get HIGH from running and I look forward to this happening again. I think of the movie the Chariots of Fire where the one runner said he felt god when he ran and that is



The goal is a non stop 10 km by the middle of July for my 47th birthday Smile

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