What Happened To me?

By | 25th February 2017

I have a few people asking what happened? It is a fair question and I will try to explain.

When You Hit Rock Bottom You  Will Know

When you hit rock bottom you will know and then it depends what you are capable of living with that determines the rest.   I was in vacation with my family and frankly, I was tired of my weight.  It just crept up month after month and I was not proud of it but I had given up by given into it for so long.

Frankly, it started with a bought of depression that was initiated by having a tumor in my neck.  I went on pills and tried to forge the entire situation and I was good at forgetting.  The depression medicine had a few side effects and one of them was weigh gain, I put on 15 Kgs / 33lbs in 15 months and from that point the weight still ticked upwards.  I decided to go cold turkey from the depression pills at one point and was stuck wallowing in overweight self.  The biggest mistake was not letting it all go but accepting the fact that it was suppose to be this way and by accepting that I buried my ability to see myself as something else.

Back to vacation, I was tired of looking in the mirror and desperate beyond measure. I had tried “adult” diets before with everything in moderation, etc. It just never worked for me as I would think that I could eat a tiny bit more and the moderation would grow and I would get fat.  Then on Facebook, I saw something from a person that I didn’t know that well.  The posted a book called: Presto By Penn Jillette


I didn’t need another system or another diet book really, I need to tackle my mental cement. The person posting this book said it was a breath of fresh air for the fat person mind.  That Penn explains how is mindset kept him locked in being fat and that sounded very intriguing so I purchased the book on amazon and ask the person posting on Facebook if I could join their weight loss support group on Facebook.

After reading the book, I felt the energy to go after losing weight again but I need to make some simple mental adjustment and one of them being that I can never enjoy moderation as a tool to lose weight and thus needed to do something drastic to tame my habits and cravings. 

I started with a 2 week all potato diet.  It is true … and not to lose weight but to disciple myself, that is all.  I ate for 14 days all potatoes. A small caveat, no olive oil and no salt.  I did this and it was crazy but much easier than it seams. After the 14 days, I switched to an all vegetarian diet for 76 more days or 90 days in total.

First, I will say the potato thing was the best thing that I ever did.  It literally stopped all the cravings. I stopped craving sugar and milk and I was not hungry all the time.  I didn’t feel the need to eat all the time and I was FULL after meals, which was a first for me as I am never full.

Second, when I mention the vegetarian part of the diet people groan, I get it.  But I admit, I personally can’t do it any other way.  I have after the 90 days added a free day every 2 weeks where I can eat anything I want for 1 meal every 14 days and it satisfies my cravings for steak and burgers.  I cave fro the one meal and helps keep me moving.  BUT back to the start of the paragraph, I had to admit to myself that I can’t just eat whatever I wanted that is a MYTH and it needed to be busted.

Third, something crazy happened.  I came to the self realization that I eat for emotional reasons.  I mean I knew I ate for comfort but without medicating myself through food, I began to grow as a person. I held my ground and refused to allow food to comfort me in times of stress and frustration and it has been great. I love myself more now because I took this step.

After the 90 days and a break for Christmas and new years, I started again but the stress at work was so great that I stopped losing weight even though I was trying.  Therefore I have stopped weighing myself and not paying that close attention. I have recently been to the doctors and weight has held and my doctor has suggested I try again to lost the rest of the weight so I am going for another 10 kg / 22lbs starting next week. I will just focus on the things that have taken me this far and I will complete the weight loss journey and into another state.

Weight loss the 1st – 90 days


I would like to just add here that during the time of weight loss I didn’t weigh my food and I didn’t exercise at all.  I refuse to weigh my food, I ate as much vegetables, fruits and nuts as my body could consume.  I stopped eating all meats, dairy and anything flour based.  It was hard but I never felt better in my adult life and I refuse to go back to sluggishness and being overweight.

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