Rage Against Me–Fighting Balrog

I have always been intrigued by BALROG the mythical creature in The Lord of the Ring that has along rich history throughout middle earth BUT we only catch a small glimpse when Gandalf confronts the Balrog to save his friends but also to save all of Middle Earth if the Balrog would escape Moria. Balrog… Read More »

Raging Against The Body Machine

I am raging against my own body machine. I am raging against my body since returning from the USA and having been in the hospital a few days there is a mental hurdle that I have yet to climb over. The most surprising part is the willingness of the “other me” to rail against eating… Read More »

The Power of The Hidden Habits

I wanted to mention something important, at least to me that plays into something I call “Hidden Habits”.  Hidden habits are the ones where a person doesn’t recognize or understand certain habits in their life that have direct impact on their mental and physical health. I have a couple of these types of habits that… Read More »

Run 3

  I did it, my leg where tired but I went anyhow and ended up walking about ½ of it, which is fine.  The goal isn’t distant or speed rather just doing it. I admit it feels really good to get out the door. I think my legs look really thing and it is still… Read More »

Understanding The Importance of Ownership

I was out walking yesterday with a friend and nutritionist yesterday afternoon.  The meeting is something that I had planned 2 months prior as part of a strategy mentioned in other posts.  I wanted to speak about nutrition from a general perspective and also the she wanted to know about the process I have been… Read More »

Talking To a Nutritionist swinging up towards the STARS

I was thinking of this quote from Cyrano de Bergerac: Antoine Comte de Guiche: Windmills, remember, if you fight with them… may swing round their huge arms and cast you down into the mire! Cyrano de Bergerac: Or up, among the stars! I am swinging up towards the STARS – and as part of my… Read More »

Ouch– The Joy of Being Sore

Day 2 after my initial run and I am really SORE!  I can’t believe how much my legs hurt.  It is a really positive sign from the body telling me that it loves me for taking that run and tomorrow I will do it again. I have also started a new 90 day clip towards… Read More »

The Day After My First Run and I am sore

just a short note .. I was running yesterday around the lake by my house.  It is the first run in probably 6 –9 months.  I didn’t make it all the way around the 3.3 Km lake but almost. I came home and stretched and today I  am sore today. I think it is funny… Read More »

What Happened To me?

I have a few people asking what happened? It is a fair question and I will try to explain. When You Hit Rock Bottom You  Will Know When you hit rock bottom you will know and then it depends what you are capable of living with that determines the rest.   I was in vacation with… Read More »